Saturday, October 9, 2010

Romancing The Dream

After preparing some notes for a dream interpretation class, the night before I was to teach, I lay there in bed asking the Holy Spirit to give me a fresh word on why He speaks to us in dreams that need interpretation. Like, tell me again God, why all the mystery? This is what He said.

I'm Very Romantic

"Tom, do you remember how you felt when you were courting your wife?" I lay there remembering rainy walks in Seattle, surprising her with starbucks at her door, leaving notes for her to find... "That's it!" I thought, that's what the Lord was reminding me of! One particular time, when I went to her workplace and found her car late at night and I got a sudden surge of romantic inspiration! I quickly set about my task of composing a sweet letter and putting it on her window. Then I tore the note in half and raced like a lovestruck mad-man to her house to leave the rest of the note attached to a gift on her doorstep. I remember being so giddy thinking of how she would be perplexed until she got home to find her gift!

Jesus Came Down So We Could Go Up

In the same manner Jesus kisses us with His Word and then beckons us to follow Him to the place of prayer to get the interpretation. Proverbs 25:2 says, 'It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings(noble hearted) to search it out.' This is true with dreams but it's true with any revelation the Lord gives. Jesus came to the earth to reveal the Father's love so we would search it out and go on a journey into the experiential knowledge of God. Jesus said, "This is what the Father is like! He want's to be merciful to you! He want's you to encounter Him at His Mercy Seat! I go to prepare a place for you!" Then He left the disciples addicted to His love... so they spent the rest of their days reaching and yearning for heaven to get more interpretation!

Jesus reveal more of yourself to me. I want to live my life searching you out, addicted to your beauty. Come and kiss me with the kisses of your word and tenderize my heart again. I am lovesick.


  1. I once heard someone say that "the Bible is a love letter from the Father." I disagree slightly. The Bible, or Torah, if you will, is a Marriage contract (covenant promise), our Ketubah. His "Love Letter" to us is the Holy Spirit! Try reading that one to the end!!!

    Holy Spirit, I repent of disengaging from you, from believing lies, that you're not chasing me down every day just to talk to me, that you don't have infinite Words of Life from Abba's heart to share with me, that you don't take great delight in feeding my desperate heart. Come, take your place again.

  2. Amen Baruch! I feel all squishy inside now :)